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Literacy is the right of every individual. Education is the only tool which can be used in transforming the lives of people and changing the society for better. The big phrases like gender equality, participation of women in economic as well as community activities also in taking care of the health of themselves as well as their family can only take place by making the women of the country educated because education has all the strength to construct our nation and to speed the process of nation building. An educated woman can realize the importance of small and healthy family and can also recognize the importance of health as well as how to seek it in themselves and their children. An educated woman in the same way can also realize the importance of education and can promote her children to gain quality education. Also she can become guidance in providing education to her children.

As Education is the vital part of child’s overall development and on the other hand children are the future of a nation; they are the pillars of the nation. For the development of a country it is very important that the children and women are educated as they are the tools to build a nation with their knowledge and education. But there are some unprivileged children who are not fortunate enough to gain education because of poverty, social problems and many other different reasons. We at Omatra Foundation have been working since many years in and across different regions to provide quality education to the unprivileged and lower income children and women, because we know that education is very important for the development of a society, and a developed society can only lead to a developed country. We time to time launch a lot of schemes that would motivate the children and women to become educated. We also make people aware that why gaining education is of greater importance for them as well as their family.

We at Omatra Foundation have professional and skilled volunteers to manage education projects for under privileged girls in collaboration with schools at various levels. Not only this, we provide guidance to the children so as to what they can do by receiving education in future. We also encourage girls to opt for various skill development programs, learn self-employment and be self reliant.

Skill Development

Apart from educating women and children and improving the literacy rate among women and children of the weaker sections and low income groups, we at Omatra Foundation also works for improving the economic status of unprivileged and lower income people and families, we strongly believe that education and skill development along with women empowerment will bring a change in the society and help in the development of a society and the nation, our organisation also works for the skill development of women in a society as we believe that if a woman is economically sound and capable then she can support her family in a very better way and at the same time she can also bring a positive change in the mentality of people and the condition of the society, as generating income makes them economically capable and independent and at the same time empowers them to be self dependent and self sufficient this not only gives them an economic strength but also motivates them emotionally, socially and psychologically to improve their situation and condition in the society they live in.

Our organisation teaches women and also very diligently trains them about various skills which are very easy to learn but can contribute in their efforts of fighting poverty and social discrimination.

We motivate them to be earning person in their families and to contribute to the income of their respective families which directly improves the living standards of their children and their family making them and their future stronger than it was ever before

Women Empowerment

For the development of any society, country or family, the development and empowerment of women is very necessary, women who are an integral part of our society as well as country but are at many instances not given the importance and respect they deserve, which eventually leads to a bad change or destruct in the general order of the society and not only the society or the country is badly affected but the worst effect it can have on the families and the children, Omatra Foundation clearly understands the importance of empowering women in a society and that is why we have been working to bring a change and we have also empowered the lives of many women in these past years, we have given a very diligent and serious focus on each and every aspect to make their life easy and at the same time to make them self-sustainable, we have focused on educating women and empowering them by teaching them different skills by which they can also earn their living, by our skill development programs the women in a very small span of time have become economically independent and have also started contributing in the economic and social development of their children and families by giving them a better standard of life and education.

We at Omatra Foundation first of all identify the sections of women which are most suppressed in any society, then we aware the people about the importance of developing and empowering women, we work hand in hand with social groups, local people and our team of volunteers to make and give a better future to every woman and to connect them with the mainstream of the society, our organisation also wants to empower women in such a way that they become self dependent and also contribute in the economy of the country this will not only improve the state of women in our society and country but will also develop the country economically and socially

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